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Xinhua News Agency: EU Announces Temporary Tariff for Chinese Stainless Steel Products Involving Hegang, Shougang, Shagang, etc.

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Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, August 10 (Reporter Tian Dong Dong) The European Commission recently announced the temporary import tariff of up to 28.5% on some stainless steel products from China.

The European Commission said in a statement that some stainless steel products from China have enjoyed unfair subsidies and will be subject to import tariffs ranging from 17.2% to 28.5%. The Chinese steel companies involved include the Hegang Group, Shougang Group, Shagang Group Wait. The EU will hold hearings within 25 days, and these companies may file a complaint at a hearing.

In recent years, the EU has repeatedly implemented anti-dumping measures against Chinese steel products. April 6 this year, the EU announced the next five years on imports of hot rolled coil from China levy 18.1% to 35.9% of the anti-dumping duties.

Wang Hejun, director of the Bureau of Trade Relief Investigation of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, said earlier that China is highly concerned about the European trade protectionism tendencies shown in the steel industry. The implementation of trade protection measures will not only help to solve the global steel overcapacity problem fundamentally, but will hinder the normal order of international trade and will not be conducive to the sustained development of the global steel industry.

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