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Ferroalloy industry in China is sticking to your development

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China Ferroalloy Network: Today, the 9th China Ferroalloy Industry Association's 9th meeting of the first member held in the chessboard well, China Ferroalloy website media invited to participate in the report.

As the new chairman of Ordos Metallurgical Group, Mr. Xue Yongliang, president of Metallurgical Group, was elected as the new chairman. Mr. Zhao Kui, the executive vice president and executive director of Ordos Group, delivered a speech on behalf of the Group, strongly supported the work of the Association and contributed to the development of the ferroalloy industry. Secretary-General Dou of the Iron and Steel Association congratulated and supported the convention. A representative from Otok District Committee introduced the current situation and planning of chessboard well industry. Chessboard well has become the world's largest ferroalloy, coal chemical industry, coal and electricity demonstration park. The park has abundant silica, coal and electricity resources, but because the market fluctuation is intense, the park has made unremitting exploration to support the scale of ferroalloy enterprises benefit. Through this meeting, we hope that the ferroalloy industry will develop healthfully and have a bright future. About 80 members from trade associations attended the meeting. Sun Jianren, chairman of the last term and chairman of Jilin iron and Steel Co., Ltd. introduced the industry.

China ferroalloy network broadcast the current session. Great progress has been made in the development of ferroalloys in China. Great progress has been made in energy consumption reduction, technological progress, equipment and management. Over-supply of the overall capacity of the industry has become increasingly serious. Adverse factors such as smuggling, vicious competition and drastic market fluctuations seriously interfere with the healthy development of the industry. China Ferroalloy Industry Association has made great efforts and work for the healthy development of ferroalloys, tariff reduction, industry access, media cooperation, overseas cooperation, futures listing and so on. In particular, we strengthened cooperation with Japan ferroalloy Association and India ferroalloy Association. We strengthened cooperation with media units and publicize the development of ferroalloy Association and industry, and achieved good results.

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